Like a gentle breeze that stirs the leaves, healing is an inevitable force, whispering its promises of renewal.

More than spectators, we are participants in our healing journey. Through courage and intention, we can accelerate the process.

Embrace the power of surrender, for healing blooms within; diving into the dark brings light.


Getting Started

Whether you stumbled upon this page or were recommended by someone you trust, I'm thrilled you're here. My deepest aspiration is to be a guiding light, encouraging souls to live lives brimming with freedom and love.

Through private healing sessions, workshops, and carefully crafted products, I pour my heart into creating a space for the Spirit to guide the right souls toward awakening in their dreams. All my services are a testament to my commitment, strategically placed to help you break free from the struggles and hardships that may have overshadowed your life.

I support your journey from old thought patterns to new, HEART-inspired beliefs. My curriculum is centered around the HEART, offering the simplest and, in my opinion, the fastest way to rediscover your life's dream and purpose. It's about moving forward with intention, gratitude, and love as you awaken to live the life you've always dreamed of.

In our sessions, I walk you through three proven questions that transform feelings of being lost into finding centered peace. The practice is available below if you prefer to embark on this journey independently.

For those seeking personalized support, you can book a session with me.

Your awakening to a life filled with intention and love awaits.


Shorten your learning curve, make the most of your days with my helpful resources, and healing energy work. Maximize living your best life every day.


QUESTION 1 – What is the dream of your life?

Imagine waking up tomorrow with all your needs met; money is not a concern. What would you do that feels fulfilling and serves the greater good?

  • What are you doing?
  • Who are you doing it with?
  • Where are you in space/time?
  • What does it feel like in your body to be doing this?

QUESTION 2 – What fears will you face to live it?

Let's face it. There is a reason you aren't living that life in the first question. We went with *money is no object* first because lack of it is typically the first excuse. So let's get that out of the way first and then fill in three more fears, add more if you can think of them,

  • FEAR #1 - Lack of financial security
  • FEAR #2- Determine your secondary excuse for not living your dream
  • FEAR #3- Determine your third excuse for not living your dream
  • FEAR #4- Determine your fourth excuse for not living your dream

The next thing to do is take on one of those fears; if it is too big, break it down into smaller steps and tackle a more minor fear. Once you figure out the fear you're facing, the critical thing is to set yourself up with an accountability partner. Someone who can gently remind you of what you're working towards and maybe even give you a gentle kick in the arse here and there as needed. If you're interested in reaching out to me for support on this, you can set up a session here.

QUESTION 3 – How will you be positive change?

The dream of your life isn't about getting more. The true happiness and sense of peace we all search for is about giving more from our hearts to people. How we find our own special sauce no one else has, and we share it with the world. The outer world will heal even as you begin to dive deep into the center of yourself and bring focus to your value and worth and live that out.

Write out 3-5 ways you can share your unique sauce with the world. I will give you an example using me...

My dream for my life is to see all the people around me living freely and confidently.

1. When I see someone with style, I tell them because a compliment from a stranger usually helps people feel more confident.

2. When I see someone begging or needing help, I make eye contact and smile at them. They are hurting and deserve a genuine witness and a smile from a stranger.

3. I lead sessions for people who are actively seeking a way to live confidently and follow their dreams

4. I am a cheerleader for all people when they enthusiastically share their dreams for their life with me.

If you're looking for support in this area, book a free exploration call now.

Are you ready? GO GET IT!!!

I believe you can use the three questions above to radically move your life forward. When using these questions I find every day gets better and better. And I am on a trajectory where it actually keeps getting better everyday.

I want this for you too! You can book a free session with me to see if my support is the right fit for you. If not I am 100% in support of you getting after it on your own too. Take the questions and put them into practice with a friend, lover, or siblings.

I believe in you! xx, Lisa-

About Lisa Van Ahn

Lisa Van Ahn is dedicated to cultivating a profound sense of home within the Self, practicing presence, healing, integration, and contentment. She guides you on a journey of inner exploration and personal growth through HEART-centered coaching and healing solo retreats enriched in intentional spaces. By creating sacred spaces and facilitating profound experiences, Lisa empowers you to embrace the present moment, heal past wounds, integrate your experiences, and ultimately find contentment, peace, and love within you.