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Here’s your Hot Five health Tips to get you on the road to FAB. YAY! you're here!  


Hottie Tip #1: Don’t Wait.  

Did you notice how when you clicked that little I Want It button you instantly had access to the Hot Five? Yeah, that’s how I want you to roll in real life as well. Don’t wait. Clicking the Hot Five Button proves you have the drive, gumption and willingness to take action in your life and get healthy now. That is awesome.  

My hottest health tip for you is to commit to rocking it out Right. Now.  

I’m going to make this really easy too. The following four tips are ripe for the pickin’ and will help you get moving forward in your desire for fitness, health and wellness.  

My advice to you is to look them over and then choose one to follow through on today. Then pick another. And then another. Congratulations, you have successfully started your journey.  

But wait, you’re not off the hook yet…

Hottie Tip #2: Make One Small, But Meaningful Change.  

One thing you will quickly notice about me and how I teach/train is the fact that I like small changes…. partially because I’m pretty lazy, but mainly because I don’t want to send folks into information overload.  

I also like to think of myself as the Yoda of Personal Fitness and Health (in my own mind) ’cause I like to say, “There’s no try. Only do” (plus I’m secretly a green-ish Muppet with big honkin eyes).  

But it’s the “do” part that trips people up sometimes so I will take this one step further and add the directive,“do the one thing that’s simplest, but will give you the greatest impact,” also in my best Yoda voice.  

The beauty is that, when you pick one thing, your focus doesn’t get watered down or blurry and you instantly set yourself up with an achievable goal.  

I know firsthand that trying to make too many changes at once only leads to 1. inevitable breakdown, 2. which then leads to a sense of failure and 3. discouragement.  

All three of those blow.  

Bottom line: Choose one thing to change, do it well and make it meaningful.  

Pick a change that will impact your life considerably.  

If you drink a lot of sugary beverages, cut out soda (or “pop” as we say here in Minnesota).  

If you have a job where you’re sitting most of the day make it a habit to ONLY take stairs and always look for the farthest parking spot instead of the closest one.  

Are you a complete morning zombie who needs coffee like a fish needs water?  

Try changing it to green tea and not drinking any coffee until you’ve been up for at least 3 hours. There are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless.


Hottie Tip #3: Get Support & Help. 

This may seem obvious, and yet, so many people try to do the Lone Wolf thing when it comes to health and wellness.  

They make healthy mental adjustments in their head and then don’t follow through because they know that no one’s watching. And do you know what happens when no one’s watching?  

It gets all crazy-like. It gets insanium in your cranium. While that might be good for clubbing it doesn’t bode well for staying on track with your eating.  

I have yet to meet someone who admits they got “all crazy-like” over the weekend eating veggies. Support and accountability is soooo important.  

So shout it out loud and clear, from here or even the tweet-o-sphere. If Facebook’s your thing, that will work too, I just need to hear from YOU (Hey, that rhymed).  

Here’s your challenge and I hope you do it now: Update your FB status to this: “[Insert your “one thing” here] is one healthy change I’m making and I want you to hold me to it. Who’s willing to help keep me honest?” And tag me in it @lisavanahn to get extra encouragement.

 See? Now the cat’s out-of-the-bag, you are officially committed.  

Feel it? Feelin’ the pressure? Good.  

I’m really trying to make it hard for you to wait and do nothing. There is a method to my madness.

Hottie Tip #4: Just Dance Already  

No seriously, just dance. When you turn on music and shake your groove thang to the beat, it elevates your heart physically and improves your mood tremendously.  

When working on your health, you can’t just get by with taking care of the physical part; you have to take care of the emotional stuff too. I don’t want you to be insanium in the cranium for reals.  

There’s no better way than having a little daytime dance off and shake it off, let it all hang out and dance like no one is watching. Ever tried to be crabby and skip? 

Yah, Same applies with dancing.

I dare you to stay grumpy and slumpy after grooving to, “it’s getting hot in here…so take off all you–..” Now wait, OK…don’t take off all your clothes (yet) just keep reading. 

Hottie Tip #5: Start Now.  

This keeps getting better and we’re already at number five!  

And in my usual repeater-like style, I’d like to mention that it still couldn’t be easier. No overwhelming e-book on health and fitness. No butterflies, rainbows or fluff (although I am partial to an occasional unicorn) just 5 Hot Tips to get you started on your journey when it matters most; here in the present.  

The last and final ingredient to this LVA style hot-sauce of tips is the little thing called follow through. Journey with me now, back the 90′s, so we all can all say the saying that I never got to say as much as I wanted…“this is clutch,” my friend.  

You must take action and the one action I want you to take now is to head over to your email inbox and check out what I sent ya!  

Once there, You’ll get a free custom DJ music mix once a month for an ENTIRE year and trust me, this music is popping. It’s going to help you out a ton with #4, more than you will ever know!  

You’ll get your first playlist as soon as you get back to your email. If you don’t see it then check spam and make sure to move me outta that box so you get the next rocking 11 custom music mixes from me.  

It’s my gift to you, you little dancing queen (or king).  

And lastly, to help you tackle #3, just know that I’m here for support and accountability. Don’t try to go this alone. I’m honored to be a part of your fitness and wellness journey and trust me, I’m an email away.  

Just know that if you hit “reply” on any email you get from me, you will get me.  

Not a help desk, but real live human encouragement. Then we can shoot the breeze, trade recipes, or I can answer your questions and send some encouragement or Yoda wisdom your way.  

Basically ‘whatev’ you need. Now go rock it, you hottie-in-training you!  

Hope to hear from you soon. xx, LVA


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